The pricing structure for my fine art photographs are divided into two types: Limited Edition and Open Edition.

Limited Edition Prints are all prints contained in my Everglades, Florida Keys/Caribbean or South Florida Galleries. Each photo is limited to 120 prints. When the last photo is sold no additional prints of that photo will be made. As a result of the limited supply, the prices on these prints are higher and are considered collection pieces.

Open Edition Prints are those photos contained in my Miscellaneous Gallery, Avian Gallery and Travels and Adventures Gallery. There is no limit to the number of prints of each photo. As a result they are priced lower and generally printed at a smaller size.

Limited Edition:

For all limited Edition Prints the Artist (Me) retains ownership of prints #11 - 20.

Prints #1 - 10 are considered premium prints and are priced accordingly. I will personally handle and print numbers 1-10 of all limited edition prints. This applies to all prints 32 x 48 or smaller.

The price of each print increases as the number of prints are sold (supply and demand). For each limited edition print, the price increases $100.00 for every 25 prints. Therefore, prints #21 through #45 are the same price. However, prints #46 through #70 are priced $100.00 higher than the prior twenty-five (25). This process continues until print #120. Print #21 is the first available print not priced at a premium or retained by the artist.

Limited Edition prints are available in the following sizes 16 x 24, 24 x 36, 32 x 48. Larger prints are available depending on the photo. A premium is charged for any print over 32 x 48. Additionally, some prints in the galleries have been cropped and may not be available in the exact size stated above. These photos will be printed as close to the corresponding sizes above as possible.

Every Limited Edition print is printed on canvas and can be Gallery Wrapped, Stretched or Framed.

Base Pricing for Limited Edition Prints (price subject to change/increase):

  16x24 24x36 32x48 X-Large Print
Call For Price
Gallery Wrapped
Call For Price
Call for Price
Call for Price
Call for Price
Call For Price

Please contact me for current Pricing of each Limited Edition Photo. Please let me know which photo, the size and the type of mounting preferred. Also, please indicate if you are requesting the next available print or a premium print from numbers 1 - 10.

Open Edition:

Open Edition prints are available in the following sizes 8 x 12, 11 x 16, 16 x 24 and 24 x 36. Open Edition prints are printed on canvas and can be stretched or gallery wrapped. Open Edition prints are also available in rolled format (placed in shipping tube) to be mounted by the customer.

Pricing for Open Edition Prints is as follows:

  8 x 12 11 x 16 16 x 24 24 x 36
Gallery Wrapped


The prices of all Limited Edition and Open Prints do not include the cost of shipping. All prints can be personally picked up from my office or arranged to be delivered for a fee (within 50 miles). All other orders in excess of 50 miles must be shipped using a shipping company.


Each Limited Edition Print will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The certificate will contain the print number, size of print, and print media used.

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